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This is to be an exciting year according to the Chinese New Year predictions. The year of the Fire Monkey is one of many changes!! In the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017, the confident and impulsive energy of Fire meets Monkey's joyful, curious, and inventive nature. Monkey is capricious, changeable, easily distracted, so be on your toes this year… Be prepared for the unexpected, …make detailed plans, but leave room for some flexibility. Monkey reminds you to look before you leap, especially around decisions that impact your financial well-being or your relationships

This is the year when many may be inclined to dust off old dreams and reassess the possibilities. Opportunities and new openings, new inspiration are everywhere this year… big dreams are within reach now… but there is also intense competition for resources at this time,…and advice to work hard if you expect to achieve your goals. This year could see some wondrous new inventions, fantastic innovations – and improvisations… the year of the Great Spin – unfortunately, since this is also an election year, and politicians and journalists are known for their great spins, we are urged to look under the surface for truth before we head to the polls.

So here is to a year of many changes, opportunities and inspiration! Gung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year!

(posted on 16 Feb 2015)

Greetings and Salutations!

Carol L Faber-Peake LLC where I am facilitating and teaching Faces of Your Soul Mask Making and other Transformative Workshops celebrates its second year!

Again last fall I had the opportunity to work with 180 Ninth grade students at the Livermore Charter Preparatory High School. The students overwhelmed me with their insights and authentic emotional involvement with their masks both the ones they applied to their team member but while their process was being done as well. I am feeling very fortunate to have been able to see some of the students from last year returning to help out.

I had the joy of doing masks for friends this year, bringing us even closer through the experience and the guided meditations.

I am also offering individual mask making sessions by appointment, so please feel free to call 510-504-7839; and I have a travelling Mask Making Kit and will travel to your home for a more intimate and relaxing experience 510-504-7839!

I am holding the first Faces of the Soul Mask Making workshop of 2015 in my own hometown and in my collaborative studio, Bothwell Downtown Art Studio Workspaces (see flyer attached) at 62 S. L Street, Livermore, California. March 13 7-9:00 (Mask Creation) and March 14 1-4:3

My new website is recently revised! Please feel free to share my blog link with any others you think may be interested and share my website. Add your name to my mailing list for news of additional workshops.

Check out the photo galleries as well as workshop and event pages. You can easily register and pay (through PayPal) on the events page for the March workshop at my studio. I am joyfully continuing my art practice of course!

My email address for my LLC is

Please see my Flickr and my Facebook page:

Art Shows:

I will be in two shows this first quarter. The SWAN Day Exhibition at the Bankhead in Livermore with the reception Thursday April 2 from 6-7:30 PM (Public Invited)

The second is the Livermore Art Association Spring Art Show in Livermore April 11th and 12th from 10 AM to 5 PM with Reception 7-9 PM on April 12th (Public Invited)

Love and Light as always

(posted on 11 Feb 2015)

Hello everyone and Happy Spring to each of you. The last month has been difficult for me as my 95 year old uncle passed away and I have been making weekly trips (driving 7 hours each way) to help my 93 year old aunt make the transition to being a widow after 74 years of marriage. They were blessed with the kind of love that you don't see often enough and now she has to move forward with her life. Fortunately they took my advice to sell their home ten years ago and move into a retirement independent living community. They met other folks when they moved in and some are now widowed so she is learning to make friends again. I give her credit, she is made of tough stuff and I love her even more for that.

She encouraged me to move my March "Faces of the Soul" workshop to end of April and to immerse myself in my creative process once more. So, I have and now you can take advance of my "Spring Special Workshop" April 24 and April 25 in Livermore California at my studio located at 62 S. L Street at the Bothwell Annex.

Please check out my event page for details and register in advance. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my cell number listed or my email listed as well. I look forward to joining you in this amazing experience. If you want to be a team with a friend and do masks on each other I will do a step by step instruction and that is another wonderful bonding experience.

My intention is to have my workshops every other month this year so if you are unable to make this one look to June 2015!!

Love and Light and Blessings!

Carol Faber Peake

(posted on 21 Sep 2014)

Autumn is here already, how time flies. Summer was amazing, creative art processes abundant and sharing those moments with clients, friends and family was a joy. This is a time to reflect on my art process and how I wanted to move into the next phase.

In the past my masks have been very hands on when it came to the hanging process, very unplanned and spontaneous. As they have moved into the world of artwork for sale the thought came to me, "How do I make these amazing masks easier for my clients to move from one hanging place to another?"

During this process I chose one method, then another until I stumbled across the solution. Why not combine painting, collaging and mask making into one integral piece? That was it, canvas as the base, with painting or collaging to create the surface. Then the mask at the point where it was ready to inhabit the canvas, I attached by means of 35 lb. clear filament (aka fishing line) and they merged beautifully.

What a difference in how each mask told a story and how clients, future buyers have received them. Now on to mask making to build new blank masks which will go through the creation phase before melding with their future canvas homes. Check out some of the selfies photos (under mask making process) that I took when I braved making a plaster mask on myself!!

(posted on 25 Mar 2014)

So much has happened over the last couple of months. Carol Faber Peake LLC is up and running and this website is being refined as new opportunities arise. New business cards from Moo have been printed and handed out with a sense of excitement, they are so awesome!

The March workshop went well, small group for this one yet it gave me the opportunity to tweak a few things within the workshop. Had a great helper in my daughter Alisa, plus she got a free mask making session! Cannot wait until she has the opportunity to sit with her mask before she starts her creative process.

After suggestions from friends and fellow workshop folks I have added PayPal buttons on both the Individual Mask Making Sessions and the Events pages. There is one for the non-refundable deposit and the second button is for the full fee. So easy to use, just tap, pay and you are ready for the workshop without having to bring check, cash or credit card.

New news in the artworks department, Livermore Art Association is holding its Spring Art Show on April 4th and 5th at the Barn - 3131 Pacific Avenue in Livermore four of my favorite pieces will be displayed. Three of them are actully for sale; Mothling, Pod and Woodland Spirit (one of my favorite masks!)! So exciting. If you are in the area stop by during show hours 10 am - 5 pm.

And, Open Studios at the Bothwell Downtown Art Studios at 62 S. L Street will be hosting a preview reception to benefit the East Bay Rabbit Rescue. Art will then travel to Alden Lane Nursery for Art Under the Oaks on July 19th and 20th. All "bunny themed" art will be available for purchase. I have an adorable 6x6 mosaic piece called "Bunny Among the Flowers." Don't forget to stop by for refreshments, delightful bites and of course to pick up that special art piece for the spring holidays!!

(posted on 27 Jan 2014)

Welcome Everyone! I am so excited to launch my new adventures into the world of Transformative Arts. After seven long years of undergraduate work at CSU East Bay to receive my Bachelors in Fine Arts and graduate work at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley to receive my Masters in Holistic Studies/Transformative Arts I am launching myself into the world. I am also excited that I received my Certification in "Faces of the Soul The Mask Making Journey" in 2012 from Kaleo Ching and Elise Durham Ching.

Combining all of these incredible experiences has driven me further with my multi-faceted artworks of painting, sculpting, stained glass design and building, mural work and collage. I am combining all of these exquisite art methods and stepping into the world of Transformative Arts Workshops. As part of my graduate studies I created and conducted a four hour workshop on Remembranch and Honoring Transitions where participants were able to create a container to honor a special transition in their life.

June 2013 I graduated with my Masters in Transformative Arts with endless possibilities to pursue. After a few short months I chose to create a company Carol Faber-Peake LLC to offer workshops on "Faces of the Soul the Mask Making Journey" and "Remembrance Containers and Honoring Transitioins" while continuing my love of creating art in my myriad of mediums!!

So excited to share this first Blog posting with all of you. Please visit my Events page for the March workshops and images to see some of the work that has been done in workshops. More workshops to come with the possibility of an expanded workshop on Mask Making, Remembrance Work and a Labrynth Workshop.

Don't forget to take a leisurely stroll through the galleries showcasing my paintings, collage artworks, stained glass, sculptures and installations. And please sign into my guestbook page so I know you have stopped by to say hello! My mailing list is the perfect place to add your information for you to receive as I announce more workshops and events for you to consider! If you need additional information or would like to schedule a session use the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy life, Enjoy Art, Enjoy Love and Light!

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